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Posts tagged ‘viewpoint’

Myths and mountains: Climbing Bergen’s Fløibanen funicular railway

Looking out over a place from high above is always one of my favourite things to do in a new destination, but after a day wandering the cobbled streets of the Norwegian city of Bergen, my feet were staging a protest at the thought of climbing a mountain. Read more


Sunsets and spirituality in Sedona

Among the macho Wild West-style towns of the southwest USA, Sedona in Arizona attracts a more New Age crowd. The town has embraced its alternative side with a host of crystal shops, psychics, alternative therapists and vortex tours. Read more

In pictures: Sedona’s Chapel of the Holy Cross

A few miles south of the Arizonan city of Sedona, there’s an unusual-looking structure tucked among the cliffs. It looks like it could be an observatory – or even a Bond villain’s lair – but it’s really a Catholic chapel from the 1950s. Read more

Canyonlands: Land of the giants

Utah’s biggest national park, Canyonlands was also the park on my road trip route that I knew the least about. I’d seen plenty of photos of Arches, the hoodoos at Bryce Canyon and Zion‘s red rocks, but what about Canyonlands? Read more

In pictures: Following Thelma and Louise to Dead Horse Point State Park

Like many women I’ve seen the film Thelma and Louise at least 10 times, a fair few of them accompanied by a break up, a best friend and a bottle of wine. It’s one of the classic road trip movies. Read more

Climbing Kotor’s city walls

High above the town of Kotor are some of the best vantage points across the bay – the city walls. The walls date back to medieval times, started in the 9th century to protect Kotor from invaders. Read more

The beauty of Bryce Canyon

A land of delicately carved rock spires in sunset shades, Bryce Canyon was an out-of-this-world start to my southwest US national park hopping. The park is made up of a series of amphitheatres along the edge of a plateau, filled with thousands of rock formations called hoodoos. Read more

In pictures: Peering over the edge of Horseshoe Bend

Called a mini Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend in Arizona is a perfect meandering arc of the Colorado River that has cut its way down through the sandstone over million of years. Located not far from the town of Page, a dusty roadside path leads you uphill through the sand and down the other side. Read more

My favourite… Views

One of the things I always try to do in any new destination I visit is to find something tall to climb up to the top of – this week’s spectacular viewpoint was the tower at the Stratosphere Casino in Las Vegas. Read more

In pictures: Porto’s Dom Luis Bridge

Straddling the River Duoro, the arching ironwork of the Dom Luís I bridge dominates Porto’s waterfront. It’s a imposing sight, whether you’re looking at it or looking out from the top of its 45-metre-high arch. Read more

The View from the Shard in the snow

So when you book a ticket to the newly opened viewing platform at the top of Western Europe’s tallest building in February, what you’re hoping for is a clear, crisp winter’s day. One with perfect visibility over the whole 360° panorama from the top would be nice. Read more

Luxury or bust at the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is already the world’s lowest and saltiest sea, but it’s getting lower and saltier all the time. Its hot weather and lack of rain mean more water evaporates out than flows in. So the salt gets more concentrated, as do other minerals like magnesium, sodium and potassium. Read more

Prague from above: The Petrin Tower

Perched on the top of Petrin Hill overlooking Prague, you might spot what looks like a miniature version of Paris’ Eiffel Tower. The Petrin Lookout Tower might not be quite as imposing at a diminutive 60 metres high compared to the Eiffel Tower’s 324 metres. Read more

Weekending: Sorrento in Italy

At the top of steep cliffs which drop down into a bright blue sea on the Italian coast south of Naples is the town of Sorrento. In Greek mythology Sorrento was home to the sirens, who lured passing sailors onto the rocks with their songs. Read more

Capri from above: The summit of Monte Solaro

Towering over the village of Anacapri is the peak of Monte Solaro. At 589 meters above sea level, the mountain is the highest point on Capri and the best place for views across the island and far beyond – weather permitting. Read more