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Tips for rail-tripping around Europe on a budget

I’ve always loved to travel by train, and an InterRail adventure travelling from one corner or Europe to another has been on my travel wishlist for years. Unfortunately I never seemed to manage to find a couple of months to spare to actually make it happen. But rather than putting it off forever, I decided to start a bit smaller, picking a shorter route to give me a taster this summer. Read more

Swiss scenic trains – and the DIY alternatives

I was originally ready to post this last week, but then the news came that a landslip had caused the Glacier Express to derail into a ravine. Luckily nobody was too seriously hurt on board and I hope it won’t put people off travelling by train in Switzerland, as the country is home to some of the most scenic rail journeys in the world (and normally has a great safety record!). Read more

Travel future: A European rail adventure

It’s not often that I can say that I’ve travelled as much as I’d like. Normally I’d happily squeeze another weekend break or night away into any given month. But the last couple of months have been pretty manic compared to my normal slow-paced travel style. Read more

The Flåm Railway: Norway’s most scenic train journey

From the train window I watched snapshots of Norway’s stunning scenery flashing by, one after another – steep rocky cliffs, deep blue fjords, lush green meadows, neatly painted red and white clapboard houses, mountains topped with a sprinkling of snow. Read more

My European rail journey wishlist

I’ve always loved train travel. There’s something mesmerising about watching the world go by through the window, whether you’re passing through wide open landscapes or catching flashes of people’s lives as you ride through town. Read more

Weekending: Old and new in Oxford

City of dreaming spires, punts on the river and gowned academics on bikes, Oxford was also my home for two years. It’s a great city for a weekend break, small enough that you can walk across it in half an hour but with enough to do to keep you busy. Read more

Budget train travel in the UK

The UK has some amazing train routes – like those through the Highlands of Scotland or running through the cliffs and along the beaches of Devon and Cornwall. And if you steer clear of the crammed peak-time city services, they are more likely to be on time and more comfortable than a coach. Read more

(Wine) Weekending: Reims in Champagne

Surrounded by vineyards and wineries, Reims is the unofficial ‘capital’ city of France’s Champagne region. Champagne is all around you in this city – from the grand buildings of the famous Champagne houses to the drinkers packing the pavement bars and cafés along the main pedestrian street, Place Drouet d’Erlon. Read more

Weekending: In Bruges

Bruges has long been pulling in visitors with its cobbled streets, crooked bridges, meandering canals and World Heritage site medieval buildings – it’s so pretty that it’s almost too good to be true. Read more

Weekending: Spa-ing in Bath

Famous for Georgian terraces, thermal spa waters, cream teas and Jane Austen, you can’t say Bath isn’t on the UK tourist trail. Its quintessentially English charms pull in visitors from around the world and it’s got so many historic buildings that the entire city has been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read more

Saved by a poet: The story of London’s St Pancras station

One of the benefits of spending a lot of time in France this year is the amount of times I’ve passed through one of my favourite London buildings – St Pancras Station. It’s a stunningly ornate Victorian Gothic-style building. Read more

Weekending: Historic York

My last trip to York was over 20 years ago on a primary school trip, so I thought I’d pay it another visit on my way back from Scotland to see what had changed. And appropriately enough for a city famed for it’s history, not too much. Read more

The Caledonian Sleeper: A night on the rails

There’s something a bit old-school romantic about sleeper trains. Being rocked gently to sleep and waking up among beautiful scenery when your butler knocks on the door with a steaming cup of tea. Ok, well maybe there was in the 1930s. But is there still romance to a night on the rails today? Read more