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Posts tagged ‘Sorrento’

My top five destinations to return to

If you had to choose five past destinations to go back to, which would they be? Although I’m always looking forward to the next place I would like to visit – and have a travel wish-list which only ever seems to get longer and longer – there are a few previous destinations that really captured my heart. Read more


On the Luce in 2012

After an epic year of travelling in 2011, with over a third of the year spent on the road, 2012 had a very tough act to follow. But although it might have lacked in quantity by comparison, it made up for in quality, with two of my travel wish-list trips ticked off and two new countries visited. Read more

Weekending: Sorrento in Italy

At the top of steep cliffs which drop down into a bright blue sea on the Italian coast south of Naples is the town of Sorrento. In Greek mythology Sorrento was home to the sirens, who lured passing sailors onto the rocks with their songs. Read more

Travel plans for 2012

Last year was an epic travel year for me, and although it’ll be tough to beat 2011’s record of spending a third of the year travelling, it doesn’t mean I won’t be giving it a good go. Read more