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Decline and rebirth at Liverpool’s Albert Dock

Despite plenty of trips to Manchester over the years, I’d always managed to miss visiting Liverpool until now. So it was well overdue when I made my first trip up there earlier this month, and the first stop on my whistlestop tour of the city was the Albert Dock. Read more


Visiting New York on a budget

After budget guides to London and Paris, I’m back with one for another of my favourite cities – New York. I first visited the Big Apple almost 20 years ago and it made a big impression on me. Read more

Weekending: Old and new in Oxford

City of dreaming spires, punts on the river and gowned academics on bikes, Oxford was also my home for two years. It’s a great city for a weekend break, small enough that you can walk across it in half an hour but with enough to do to keep you busy. Read more

Where the West was filmed: Utah’s Little Hollywood

Even if you’ve never been to Utah, you’ll recognise its landscapes. They’ve appeared on screen hundreds of times in films and TV series, from Westerns to thrillers and comedies. Read more

Guns, greed and glamour: Las Vegas and the Mob Museum

‘I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse’ – from classic films like The Godfather, Goodfellas and Casino, to the new TV series Boardwalk Empire, people are fascinated by the world of the Mafia. And nowhere in America is the history of the Mob so entwined with a city as it is in Las Vegas. Read more

Titanic Belfast: Stories from a shipwreck

What is it about the story of RMS Titanic that has captured so many people’s imaginations? An hundred and one years ago today, the famous liner hit an iceberg and sank off the coast of Newfoundland. Read more

Visiting London on a budget

I lived in London for over ten years, and still go back there almost once a month. But there’s one thing I have really started to notice since I moved away, and that’s how expensive it can be. Ticket prices to the main attractions, meals out, a few drinks – they all start to add up scarily quickly. Read more

The changing face of Salford Quays

You can visit some places over and over again without ever actually ‘seeing’ them, and Manchester is one of those for me. Both my brother and best friend live up there, and I’ve been up to see them plenty of times. Read more

Visiting Paris on a budget

Paris is one of my favourite European cities – I usually try and spend a few days out there most years, and was lucky enough to spend last autumn house-sitting there. But even though I had somewhere to stay, Paris is an easy place to spend money – with fantastic restaurants, shops and wine bars on every corner, and the entrance fees to all those world-class museums and attractions which soon start to add up. Read more

The underbelly of Paris: Touring the sewers

So I know I said I wanted to see some of the more unusual sights of Paris, but aren’t the sewers a step too far? After visiting another of Paris’ underground attractions, the catacombs, I heard that part of the sewer system had been turned into a museum – Le Musée des Égouts de Paris. Read more