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Posts tagged ‘Marrakech’

Trip budget: A Moroccan mini honeymoon

Normally I’d say my travel style is budget-luxe – I mainly keep to a budget but throw in a few touches of luxury. But when it came to planning my honeymoon, I decided that it would only be right to swap those two around for once. Read more

Reviewed: Riad Capaldi, Marrakech medina

As I mentioned before, I do love a good Moroccan riad, so after experiencing a modern version in Essaouira, it was time to get traditional in Marrakech. The only problem was picking which one – the city’s medina has something like 1000 different riads scattered across it. Read more

Surviving the souks in Marrakech

The souks of Marrakech are the heart of the medina and a must-see when you’re visiting the city. Even if you’re not into shopping, they’re still a spectacle well worth experiencing. But they’re also all kinds of crazy. Read more

Take 12 Trips March: A Moroccan mini honeymoon

As part of my mission to ‘Take 12 Trips’ in 2014, I’m taking at least one trip every month – which can be anything from a local day out to an international trip. After January and February had me bundling on the layers for trips to the north of England, it was time to warm up with my first international trip of the year to Morocco in March. Read more

Travel plans for 2014

The last two years have been all about life-changing (and expensive) events for me – first buying a house and then getting married. But things are quietening down in 2014, which should leave me with more time and money to devote to travel. Read more