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Posts tagged ‘local’

Take 12 Trips… August on the Luce

As part of my mission to ‘Take 12 Trips’ in 2014, I’m taking at least one trip each month – which can be anything from a local day out to an international trip. So far this year I’ve been all the way from the North of England to the souks of Morocco, from sailing the Norwegian fjords to eating my way around Catania in Sicily, and across Europe first by cruise ship and then by train. Read more

The part-time traveller’s guide to maximising your travel time

When you read as many travel blogs as I do, it can start to feel like everyone else is either working remotely as a long-term digital nomad or is about to give up their job and home to set off on an indefinite round-the-world trip. Read more

On the Luce in 2013

2013 has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me. There have been some big travel highs – like road-tripping around the southwest USA’s National Parks, a girly weekend of port tasting and gossip in Porto, family trips to the Algarve with my family and Montenegro with my husband’s, and then finally seeing Paris looking beautiful at Christmas. Read more

In pictures: Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire

In the small Cotswold town of Winchcombe is Sudeley Castle. One of the few castles that’s still a private home, its owners Lord and Lady Ashcombe open it up to visitors for part of each year. Over the years since it was built in the 15th century it’s had numerous owners and played host to at least six English Kings and Queens. Read more

Travel future: My local travel summer

I got an email from a reader this week asking about travel in England – did I have any recommendations or posts she could look at? Looking back through my old posts, I found a few about London, some from weekend trips I’ve taken around the country. Read more