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Clueless about cruising? First-time cruise questions answered

Before going on my first cruise with Celebrity Cruises earlier this month, it’s fair to say I was a complete cruise novice. Pretty much the only knowledge I had of cruising came from repeat viewings of Titanic and The Poseidon Adventure (so I was paying particular attention when it came to the evacuation drill). Read more

Tastes of Sicily: Learning to cook like a Catanian

After exploring Catania’s fabulous fresh produce in its markets, it was time to learn how to put it to use. We headed up into the foothills of Mount Etna to meet Monica Consoli, our guide through the delicious world of Sicilian cookery. Monica is the daughter of cookbook author Eleanora Consoli and our class took place in Eleanora’s lovely 18th century villa. Read more

Tastes of Sicily: Touring Catania’s markets

Like a lot of people, before going to Sicily I’d assumed that as part of Italy it would have a similar cuisine to other areas of the country. But the food of this island is a lot more complex than that. Years of occupation have left it with a mix of influences, so you’ll find ingredients and dishes you’d expect to see in Greece, Spain or even North Africa. Read more

Take 12 Trips May: Culture and cookery in Catania, Sicily

As part of my mission to ‘Take 12 Trips’ in 2014, I’m taking at least one trip each month – which can be anything from a local day out to an international trip. So far this year my trips have taken me from the North of England to the souks of Morocco and then back to my old hometown of London. Read more

Tagines and tea: A Moroccan cookery class at L’Atelier Madada, Essaouira

One of my big reasons for wanting to come back to Morocco was the country’s food. Memories of tagines, almond pastries, fresh herb salads and mint tea have stayed with me over the eight years since my last trip. And although I’ve had a go at recreating the flavours back at home, they’ve never been quite the same. Read more

Exploring Essaouira: From the souks to the sea

Perched on the edge of Morocco’s Atlantic coast, Essaouira looks like a cross between North Africa and the Mediterranean. Surrounded by golden-stone city walls, it mixes bright blues and dazzling whitewash with flowing djellabas and the smell of spices. Read more

Visiting Las Vegas on a budget

Las Vegas probably isn’t most people’s idea of a budget destination. Even if you’re not blowing your cash gambling on the casino floor, you could easily spend up a fortune in the city’s five-star hotels, A-list nightclubs, Michelin-starred restaurants and designer boutiques. Read more

My travel confessions

I’ve been travelling for almost 20 years now – and blogging about it for the last two. So when I get occasional emails from new bloggers or people planning their next trip, I love helping out and sharing my advice and experiences. Read more

Visiting New York on a budget

After budget guides to London and Paris, I’m back with one for another of my favourite cities – New York. I first visited the Big Apple almost 20 years ago and it made a big impression on me. Read more

Visiting London on a budget

I lived in London for over ten years, and still go back there almost once a month. But there’s one thing I have really started to notice since I moved away, and that’s how expensive it can be. Ticket prices to the main attractions, meals out, a few drinks – they all start to add up scarily quickly. Read more

In pictures: London’s Borough Market

Beneath a wrought iron roof and the railway arches near London Bridge lies Borough Market, the oldest of London’s markets. It dates back to the thirteenth century and used to be a wholesale market for fruit and vegetables. Read more

Visiting Paris on a budget

Paris is one of my favourite European cities – I usually try and spend a few days out there most years, and was lucky enough to spend last autumn house-sitting there. But even though I had somewhere to stay, Paris is an easy place to spend money – with fantastic restaurants, shops and wine bars on every corner, and the entrance fees to all those world-class museums and attractions which soon start to add up. Read more

London’s top food classes and tours

Cookery classes or tasting tours are one of my favourite things to do when I’m travelling. I’ve tasted Guinness at their brewery in Dublin, learnt to roll rice paper spring rolls in Vietnam and toured a Camembert factory in France (one of the worst things I’ve ever smelled). Read more

Weekending: Sorrento in Italy

At the top of steep cliffs which drop down into a bright blue sea on the Italian coast south of Naples is the town of Sorrento. In Greek mythology Sorrento was home to the sirens, who lured passing sailors onto the rocks with their songs. Read more

Cheese Heaven: A tasting at London’s Neal’s Yard Dairy

Cheese has probably got to be my favourite food. Whether its a creamy goat’s cheese, a pungent Stilton, a runny Brie or a chunk of Cheddar melted on toast (with a bit of Marmite, my cheese on toast special ingredient), I love them all. Read more