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In pictures: Catania’s volcanic coast

For a coastal city, it’s strangely easy to spend time in Catania and forget the sea is even there. Most of the city’s seafront is filled with its busy harbour, but you don’t need to go far to get a taste of sea air. Just north of the city are a string of former fishing villages, where dark volcanic rocks formed by Mount Etna’s eruptions meet the clear turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea. Read more


In pictures: Essaouira sunsets

I love a good sunset, and a lot of my favourites have been on the coast, where you can watch the sun slowly dipping down into the water. Read more

Exploring Essaouira: From the souks to the sea

Perched on the edge of Morocco’s Atlantic coast, Essaouira looks like a cross between North Africa and the Mediterranean. Surrounded by golden-stone city walls, it mixes bright blues and dazzling whitewash with flowing djellabas and the smell of spices. Read more

In pictures: Fishing boats in Essaouira harbour

Looking around the harbour in Essaouira you see endless shades of blue – from the pale skies to the rough seas and the vibrant turquoise and blue painted fishing boats. Read more

In pictures: Perranporth beach in Cornwall at sunset

Cornwall might have been beautiful last week, but it wasn’t very kind to us on the weather front. After grey skies and drizzle for days, when the sun finally appeared late one afternoon we headed straight down to the beach with our cameras. Read more

Walking the coast in Croyde, Devon

The UK is surrounded by over 7700 miles of coastline, with beautiful beaches from the Scottish islands in the far north right down to the tip of Cornwall in the south. The only problem though is that the unpredictable British weather doesn’t make it the easiest to take advantage of them. Read more

In pictures: An island of luxury at Sveti Stefan

Just off the Montenegrin coast, Sveti Stefan is a perfect teardrop-shaped island with terracotta-tiled buildings and evergreen trees set in a turquoise bay. It dates back to the 15th century and started off as a fortified fishing village. Read more

My favourite… Beaches

After escaping the English winter with my favourite sunset photos, I’m keeping in with the warming theme by revisiting (mentally rather than physically unfortunately) some of my favourite beaches from around the world next. Read more

The white cliffs of Normandy’s Alabaster Coast

When you picture steep white chalk cliffs battered by the Channel seas, you probably think of England’s White Cliffs of Dover. But the French have their own lesser-known version on the other side of the Channel – La Côte d’Albâtre, or the Alabaster Coast. Read more

Weekending: St Ives in Cornwall

With colourful fishing boats tucked in the harbour, surrounded by a crescent-shaped bay of golden sand, seagulls swooping overhead and the smell of freshly cooked fish and chips, St Ives is your classic Cornish seaside town. Read more

Weekending: Sorrento in Italy

At the top of steep cliffs which drop down into a bright blue sea on the Italian coast south of Naples is the town of Sorrento. In Greek mythology Sorrento was home to the sirens, who lured passing sailors onto the rocks with their songs. Read more

In pictures: The colourful harbour of Marina Grande

Tucked away around a headland which separates it from Sorrento is the pretty fishing port of Marina Grande. Pastel-coloured buildings line the harbour and the hillside above it, painted in summery shades of blue, pink, yellow and green. Read more

Low-key lazing in Nusa Lembongan

After the busy streets and beaches around Kuta and Seminyak, we were in need of a bit less bustle and a bit more lazing, and the island of Nusa Lembongan was the perfect place to put our feet up. Read more

In pictures: Sunset on Gili Trawangan

You can’t beat a good sunset photo, and some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen were from the beaches of the Indonesian island of Gili Trawangan. Just off the coast of Lombok, the island is a laid-back backpacker haven. Read more

Gili Islands: Indonesia’s laid-back beach escape

Just off the coast of Lombok are the three small, teardrop-shaped Gili Islands. Only reachable by boat from either Bali or Lombok, news of their turquoise seas, white sand, coral reefs, laid-back atmosphere and fab seafood is definitely out.  Read more