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Posts tagged ‘archaeology’

In pictures: Amongst the ruins at Ephesus

On the western coast of Turkey, Ephesus has some of the Mediterranean’s best-preserved, grandest ruins. As a major port for trade routes to Asia it grew from a coastal town in the 10th century BC to the second largest city in the world. Read more

Ancient Olympia: Let the Games begin

Celebrity athletes, elaborate construction projects, political infighting – when you think about it the Olympic Games haven’t changed all that much since they first started in Ancient Greece. All the way from Olympia 776 BC to London 2012, the Olympics have always been about so much more than just sport. Read more

In pictures: Ancient history in the Cotswolds at Belas Knap

As part of my local travel summer mission I’ve been searching out the interesting and beautiful in my home area of Gloucestershire, from old to new. So to start off I’ve got one of the oldest, Belas Knap, which was sitting on this patch of Cotswold soil before the Pyramids were built. Read more

A first-timer’s guide to Petra

Petra is always appearing on those top travel lists – the new seven wonders of the world, the top ten places to see in your lifetime. But unlike some places that top those lists, Jordan is actually fairly easy and not too expensive to visit. Read more

Exploring Petra: The mountainous Monastery

After a first day visiting the Treasury and Petra’s other main sites, day two meant it was time to take some of those pathways and go exploring. And one place that I’d seen mentioned time and again as a a must-see was the Monastery. Read more

Exploring Petra: Beyond the Treasury

When you think of Petra, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the Treasury and the famous walk through the narrow corridor of the Siq to get there. But that’s only a tiny fraction of Petra’s huge 60 square kilometre area, and there are so many more caves, temples, mountains and pathways to explore beyond there. Read more

Exploring Petra: Following the Siq to the Treasury

The ‘rose-red city half as old as time’, Petra is Jordan’s most famous tourist attraction. It’s one of those places you almost feel that you know before you get there, having seen it in so many photos and films. This mysterious city has been capturing people’s imaginations for hundreds of years. Read more

In pictures: Amman’s historic Citadel

Jordan’s metropolis of nearing three million residents, Amman is a city of rising skyscrapers and manic traffic sprawling over 19 hills. But within all the trappings of modern urban life you can still find a taste of its history on top of the city’s tallest hill. Read more

Pompeii: The Roman city frozen in time

“Caecilius est in horto. Cerberus est canis.” This might bring back memories if you were made to learn Latin at school, with the Cambridge Latin Course textbooks about Caecilius, Metella and Cerberus the dog who lived in Pompeii. Read more