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Posts tagged ‘anniversary’

My third year On the Luce

It’s that time of year again – when I dig out the Champagne glasses and crack open the bubbly (any excuse) to celebrate both me and this blog reaching another birthday. The last three years On the Luce have seen 244 blog posts, 1451 photos, 19 countries covered and 7636 comments – phew! Read more

My second year On the Luce

The last week has seen two birthdays as this blog reached its second anniversary and I well and truly entered my mid 30s! It’s been a great year ‘On the Luce’ and I want to thank all the new readers of the site that have come on board this year, as well as saying a special thank you to those that have stuck with me from the beginning. Read more

Happy birthday(s)

This week is one for birthdays – I turned 34 last weekend, and On the Luce travel blog reaches its first anniversary tomorrow (and it’s also my mum’s birthday today so happy birthday mum!). Read more