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Posts from the ‘Travel future’ Category

Travel future: A European rail adventure

It’s not often that I can say that I’ve travelled as much as I’d like. Normally I’d happily squeeze another weekend break or night away into any given month. But the last couple of months have been pretty manic compared to my normal slow-paced travel style. Read more

Travel future: Cruising the Mediterranean

Over the years, I’ve travelled using everything from a plane to a rickshaw. But there’s one type of trip I’ve never tried, and that’s a cruise. My previous sailing experience is limited to cross-Channel ferries on childhood holidays to France and a few choppy boat rides that had me reaching for the sea-sickness pills – it’d be true to say I’m not a natural sailor! Read more

My European rail journey wishlist

I’ve always loved train travel. There’s something mesmerising about watching the world go by through the window, whether you’re passing through wide open landscapes or catching flashes of people’s lives as you ride through town. Read more

Travel plans for 2014

The last two years have been all about life-changing (and expensive) events for me – first buying a house and then getting married. But things are quietening down in 2014, which should leave me with more time and money to devote to travel. Read more

My US National Park wishlist

After writing about my highlights from the US National Parks I visited in the southwest this year, it got me thinking about the other parks in the USA that top my wishlist. Read more

Travel future: The big honeymoon question

With my wedding coming up in almost six weeks time, there’s one question I keep getting asked – where are you going for your honeymoon? It’s a big question for any couple getting married, but even more so when one of them is a self-confessed travel obsessive and blogger, so I’m putting the pressure on myself to come up with the perfect destination. Read more

Travel future: My local travel summer

I got an email from a reader this week asking about travel in England – did I have any recommendations or posts she could look at? Looking back through my old posts, I found a few about London, some from weekend trips I’ve taken around the country. Read more

Travel future: Las Vegas and Southwest USA road trip

I love a good road trip – a bit odd for a non-driver I know, but where I lack in driving skills I make up for it with my navigation, trip planning and snack-supplying expertise. Read more

Travel plans for 2013

My 2012 might have featured a bit more work than travel, but I hope to switch that back around this year. After buying a house last year, this year is going to be another expensive one (more on that below) but I still have plenty of travel plans in the pipeline. Read more

Travel future: My Jordan itinerary

Jordan has been on my travel wish-list for years. I like to think it’s because of the amazing historic sites and other-worldly desert scenery which make it a dream place to visit for a photography lover. Read more

Travel plans for 2012 – version two

Back at the start of January, I published this post with details of my travel plans for 2012. There was some skiing, some city breaks, a road trip and a cruise through the fjords – a pretty good year in store. Read more

Travel plans for 2012

Last year was an epic travel year for me, and although it’ll be tough to beat 2011’s record of spending a third of the year travelling, it doesn’t mean I won’t be giving it a good go. Read more

Travel future: Autumn in Paris

I love Paris in the, er, autumn? Yep, the famous springtime destination for lovers from around the world is going to be my home as a house-sitter this autumn. I have family who own an apartment out there and are having work done to the building, so want someone to keep an eye on the place. Read more