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Posts from the ‘In pictures’ Category

In pictures: Spring blooms in Keukenhof gardens

Springtime in the Netherlands means one thing – tulips – and if you want to see them in their thousands, the place to go is Keukenhof. Not far outside of Amsterdam in the town of Lisse, Keukenhof is the world’s largest flower garden. Read more


My favourite… Views

One of the things I always try to do in any new destination I visit is to find something tall to climb up to the top of – this week’s spectacular viewpoint was the tower at the Stratosphere Casino in Las Vegas. Read more

In pictures: Porto’s blue and white azulejo tiles

Train stations aren’t normally too high up on my list of attractions to visit (excluding London’s gorgeous St Pancras), but walking past Porto’s São Bento station we were drawn in by the flashes of blue and white through the doorway. Read more

In pictures: Porto’s Dom Luis Bridge

Straddling the River Duoro, the arching ironwork of the Dom Luís I bridge dominates Porto’s waterfront. It’s a imposing sight, whether you’re looking at it or looking out from the top of its 45-metre-high arch. Read more

My favourite… Beaches

After escaping the English winter with my favourite sunset photos, I’m keeping in with the warming theme by revisiting (mentally rather than physically unfortunately) some of my favourite beaches from around the world next. Read more

My favourite… Sunsets

I’ve been running a series of photos over on Facebook recently, choosing a photo each week of somewhere hot, sunny and exotic to chase away the winter chills. And a lot of them seem to feature spectacular sunsets from around the world. Read more

In pictures: The majestic Matterhorn

Its name might change depending on which side of the border you’re standing, but the Matterhorn (or should that be Monte Cervino or Mont Cervin?) is one of the Alps’ most iconic peaks in any language. Read more

In pictures: Dead Sea sunsets

The lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea is over 420 metres below normal sea level. It’s actually more a lake than a sea but is definitely dead – with water eight times saltier than the ocean, no fish or plants can survive in it. Read more

In pictures: The best of the rest of 2012

Just like last year, I’ve taken hundred of photos over the year – way more than I could ever manage to use on this site. So to end the year, I’ve chosen a selection of my favourite photos from the past year that I never quite managed to fit into a blog post. Read more

In pictures: Cats of Petra

The landscape around Petra might look dry and barren, but there’s a surprising amount of animal life if you look carefully – both the wild and not-so-wild. Among the rocks along the Siq we came across a ginger cat and her kittens. Read more

In pictures: Petra by night

As soon as I announced I was going to Petra, the one thing everyone said I must do was see it at night. Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, the ancient city is open to visitors in the evening when it’s lit by over 1800 candles. Read more

In pictures: Amman’s historic Citadel

Jordan’s metropolis of nearing three million residents, Amman is a city of rising skyscrapers and manic traffic sprawling over 19 hills. But within all the trappings of modern urban life you can still find a taste of its history on top of the city’s tallest hill. Read more

In pictures: London’s Borough Market

Beneath a wrought iron roof and the railway arches near London Bridge lies Borough Market, the oldest of London’s markets. It dates back to the thirteenth century and used to be a wholesale market for fruit and vegetables. Read more

Capturing the seasons

The days are getting colder, the leaves are turning red, the Christmas gifts are in the shops and summer is starting to feel a long way away. So after sharing my photos of the autumnal colours of Cheltenham earlier this week, I came across a seasonal photography competition that’s a good excuse to revisit the other seasons too. Read more

In pictures: Autumn in Cheltenham’s Pittville Park

After over a year of blogging, I’ve realised that one destination I’ve never written about is the place I spend most of my time – my home town of Cheltenham. So to welcome in autumn, here’s a photo essay of the colours in the city’s Pittville Park. Read more