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Posts from the ‘In pictures’ Category

In pictures: Christmas lights at Paris’ Galeries Lafayette

In Paris’ 9th arrondissement, Galeries Lafayette is the city’s most glamorous department store – it’s the City of Lights’ version of Selfridges or Macys. And like its London and New York counterparts, it brings out the bling each Christmas. Read more

In pictures: Belfast’s Christmas market

We’re approaching the start of December, the weather’s getting chilly and the scarf and gloves have been dug out of the cupboard. It can mean only one thing – Christmas market season is coming. Read more

My favourite… Cityscapes

Although I love a good sunset, beach or landscape shot, some of my favourite photos I’ve taken on my travels are from the more man-made landscapes of the world’s cities. Read more

In pictures: Perranporth beach in Cornwall at sunset

Cornwall might have been beautiful last week, but it wasn’t very kind to us on the weather front. After grey skies and drizzle for days, when the sun finally appeared late one afternoon we headed straight down to the beach with our cameras. Read more

Travel your way photo competition

Another week, another photography competition! I can never resist an excuse to go through my old photos though, particularly when there’s a prize involved. And this is a good one, with compact cameras and a £1000 overall prize up for grabs. Read more

In pictures: Tintern Abbey on the River Wye

From Cistercian monks to poets Wordsworth and Tennyson, Tintern Abbey has inspired devotion for centuries. The abbey is located on the banks of the River Wye – with Wales on one side of the river and England on the other. Read more

In pictures: Ancient history in the Cotswolds at Belas Knap

As part of my local travel summer mission I’ve been searching out the interesting and beautiful in my home area of Gloucestershire, from old to new. So to start off I’ve got one of the oldest, Belas Knap, which was sitting on this patch of Cotswold soil before the Pyramids were built. Read more

Capturing the colours of 2013

Last year ran a photo competition where bloggers were asked to submit their favourite photos from around the world that captured the colours blue, yellow, green, red and white. Read more

In pictures: Sedona’s Chapel of the Holy Cross

A few miles south of the Arizonan city of Sedona, there’s an unusual-looking structure tucked among the cliffs. It looks like it could be an observatory – or even a Bond villain’s lair – but it’s really a Catholic chapel from the 1950s. Read more

In pictures: Arches National Park

Arches National Park in Utah is one of those places where the name tells you exactly what you’ll see. This park contains over 2000 different arches carved out of its golden sandstone over hundreds of thousands of years. It has the greatest density of rock arches anywhere in the world. Read more

In pictures: An island of luxury at Sveti Stefan

Just off the Montenegrin coast, Sveti Stefan is a perfect teardrop-shaped island with terracotta-tiled buildings and evergreen trees set in a turquoise bay. It dates back to the 15th century and started off as a fortified fishing village. Read more

In pictures: Red, white and green in Zion National Park

After the sandy yellows and oranges of Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park was a whole different colour palette. Here we had the red of the rocks and the bright greens of the trees, backed with misty white skies. Even the park roads were paved in red so they blend in with the landscape. Read more

In pictures: Peering over the edge of Horseshoe Bend

Called a mini Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend in Arizona is a perfect meandering arc of the Colorado River that has cut its way down through the sandstone over million of years. Located not far from the town of Page, a dusty roadside path leads you uphill through the sand and down the other side. Read more

In pictures: Monument Valley

The southwest USA is a region packed with spectacular landscapes, but they don’t get more iconic than Monument Valley. You almost expect to see John Wayne appear from between the towering rocks on his horse at any moment as you drive through the valley. Read more

In pictures: Vintage neon in Las Vegas’ Fremont Street

Fremont Street is the centre of old Las Vegas. Situated north of the Strip, this area was home to the first casinos and as well as Las Vegas’ first hotel, telephone and even its first paved street. Read more